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What hard evidence could they POSSIBLY provide that would change the minds of those who believe this is a US government plot against China? If they made samples of the hardware available for people to look at, how can you tell it was designed by China instead of the US? If they had logs of the chips contacting a Chinese controlled C&C server, how do you know that really happened, or that C&C server wasn't a CIA front? Hell, if they had emails from China's president to their hackers saying "have we stolen Apple's A12 design yet?" signed with his private key, they'd claim the NSA has the technology to break the email encryption/signing that China's president uses.

Once people go down the conspiracy theory rathole, no amount of evidence can possibly change their minds. Everything you show them will become part of the conspiracy. Look at the moon landing deniers, who have crazy explanations for everything from lunar dust samples to the retroreflective mirrors astronauts left behind that are part of the grand conspiracy to fool people into thinking we landed on the moon.

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