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@doublelayer - effect on share price

What effect? Both Amazon and Apple had their share price fall the past couple days, but it doesn't appear to be related to this article, since the NASDAQ as a whole fell more than Apple did and some stocks like Netflix fell more than twice as much. You could argue "the tech industry fell over worries these attacks might be widespread" but why would anyone have that worry about Netflix? Is someone going to care that China finds out what kind of movies they like?

I'd argue that the story actually makes Apple and Amazon come out looking really good. They detected the attacks quickly, when they were isolated rather than widespread throughout their infrastructure, and they acted immediately to get rid of the compromised hardware. How many other companies would have even figured this out? Think about how often you read about companies that have had hackers inside their systems for months if not years undetected - and it is FAR easier to find software nasties in your systems than a tiny component the size of a pinhead on your server boards. I mean, there's a whole selection of software designed for identifying and neutralizing malware, but you're on your own finding spy hardware.

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