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Whose line of attack is it anyway? Cyber-assault whodunnits harder than ever to solve



This commentard has been taking UMBRAGE at many of these "our enemy for the current agenda did this" attributions for quite some time. Nice to hear some of the "pros" are catching up with the obvious. Having spend some time doing tech in government (sorry, I did quit as soon as I figured things out) - believe me the idea that something clever could only be done by a state sponsored actor is ludicrous.

Funny, they didn't bother to deny the UMBRAGE program - or any of the other leaked ones...

Or Snowden's leaks, or Assange's, or those nasty if who hacked who was more important than the content that all agree was They are selling the idea that it's the fault of the messenger and people buy that?

Or that agencies that lie for a living are telling the truth just this once; laughable.

There are no such things as false flags...oh wait a minute...

They're probably not telling a lie when they say they're protecting the government..parsed carefully, what does that mean about protecting you?

Luckily, like the cops and robbers where I live - both are low IQ range and mostly bother one another and leave we alright people alone.

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