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Winners and Losers if Dell acquires DVMT

This is all about who ends up paying off EMC acquisition debt. Raising interest rates will ramp up the cost of that debt.


-Michael Dell (Obviously)

-Silver Lake (Obviously)

-Dell Technologies (pressure on *margins* will reduced on servers and storage which are struggling)


-DVMT shareholders (they could do better)

-VMware (since they will pick up the debt from Dell buying EMC)

-VMware employees (RSU valuation will be driven down dramatically)

-VMware customers (get ready for more Oracle-like pricing to pay off that debt)

-VMware ecosystem partners (your reselling VMware will help seal your own death as you will be feeding the Dell monster)

On the other hand, a Dell IPO means investors will carry the debt... and it will be a loooooong slog for Dell.

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