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Which means that the release of the Blumberg story was not the cause of the price drop as discussed in the article. For the reasons given above, I agree. Blumberg's coverage of tech hasn't been friendly, but that's not surprising given the antics of tech "leaders" like Musk. There's a lot of BS backing up in those tech company comms lines, so it would be hard to imagine how anyone outside of Silicon Valley PR could ignore it.

As for the substance of this report: I'm with the many above who think it's part of a deliberate disinformation campaign to bolster the trade war against China while providing cover for a non-Chinese operation to hack cloud services.

The bottom line is you can't believe anyone any more. Those in the know are either incentivized to lie for various reasons, or gagged by like local secrets laws. That could all change if the press and public demanded actual hard evidence when faced with these kinds of claims. But that's unlikely because the press is complicit and the public disorganized. Now if media outlets were to experience sharp, sustained drops in _their_ income due to the public's ceasing to trust them...

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