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well, when Fox News, which has members of BOTH the left AND the right on panel discussions on various shows, is called "right wing" or "far right", instead of 'fair and balanced', you know that the bias is already built-in. They've got both Geraldo Rivera _AND_ Juan Williams, after all (both liberals), as well as Hannity and Laura Ingraham (both conservatives). Of course you need opposing opinions to have a discussion. And that's the point. And yet, I'm sure the "judgement" would be for Fox News being "far right" or "extreme right" by any bot, because THAT KIND OF BIAS WAS PROGRAMMED IN.

So the main point is: The BIAS of the programmers will be exposed by the bots. Any 'training' algorithm will be flawed because of THEIR BIAS. This easily explains the 60-70% accuracy. Half of the sites labeled "right" may actually be "center" !!! (that would make it about 2/3 correct, if my math is working properly).

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