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Re: Chinese agents slip spy chips into Super Micro servers

There are easier ways to have a backdoor, but this way is pretty good for having a backdoor that's hard to spot. If you simply replaced the chip containing the BIOS, made a backdoored flash chip, etc. then all you'd need to do to find them is to test that chip, as they do just to make sure they're working. If, for example, you took a flash chip and asked for its contents, it would be instantly obvious whether the contents were right or not. By having a separate chip to handle that, you would have to test all components of the board together, and that only helps if you know what to be looking for. For the people doing this, it would actually be easier just to see if you can find the chip in the board. So I don't know whether this chip was ever created or installed, but the details make sense if it was.

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