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Given the report, there will be an army of BOFH's ripping out MB's and minutely inspecting them

As one of those BOFH's, i'm going to comment that there is no earthly point doing that for >99.9% of BOFH's. To make it worthwhile, you'd need:-

1) The original plans sent to the fab.

2) the ability to check the motherboard for objects that shouldn't be there that are on the nanometer scale.

In addition, after you've found something that you think might not be there then you'd need:-

3) the ability to figure out what the hell things are down to a scale of ~50nm. Xray scanners are not particularly common, and most of those aren't going to resolve down to the level where you can recognise components inside a chip, let alone allow you to identify them and spot things that have been added to the original design.

4) the ability to pull the embedded code off microchips to figure out what they are doing is as per the design.

Yeah, um. Next to nobody has #1, and I suspect the number of teams with the ability to pull off 2 is very, very limited. 3 & 4, um. I'm thinking "count them on your fingers".

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