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AI trained to sniff out fake news online may itself be fake news: Bot has mixed results in classifying legit titles


Trying to find the facts of event is hard or even impossible, can their bot find out who killed JFK?

If they figure out how to determine the facts of an event can they let the criminal justice system know, they seam to find it hard and time consuming.

But just because the bots results don't match their particular political views and biases (of which everyone has) doesn't automatically mean the bot is faulty.

Often it is hard to determine the facts of an event, government mass surveillance was 'fake news' until Snowden was able to show the evidence, but other people had been aware of those same programs for years and reported on them much earlier, they just didn't have copies of the documents to prove it. So this bot would have rated them as having low accuracy because it would have been unable to find supporting evidence.

Also how wide does this bot search for the evidence to support a statement? If I write an article about a tweet Trump has made and he then deletes the tweet will the bot say my article is inaccurate because of lack of evidence? Can the bot perform ORC on screenshots to figure out their contents? What about those images that are a group of screenshots linked by arrows to show how everything links together, can this bot figure those out?

This bot (and even human fact checkers) can only try and cross check things against open sources, closed sources such as confidential informers cannot be verified. If you automatically consider anything that cannot be verified to be fake then you destroy investigative journalism.

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