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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Second chip added, bollocks

This is a nation state with silicon foundries.

Why would you add an obvious second chip with limited code, processing and pins, when your can add a co-processor to the silicon of the BMC (either legit made in China or a clone slipped in to supply chain) if you're being cheap, you would add a second die during packaging and tap on to the bonding wires.

This is critical news for every "friendly" country and all business, but we can't be arsed to show any proof, even dodgy dossier WMD level chicanery.

All part of the info wars going on, just hope it stays virtual.

Tossers, the lot of them, nearly all of them in nearly every country, those who think they're better than the plebs, fcuking people over for their own ends. A pox on you all.

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