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You're assuming the stock price drop had anything to do with this news. Google, Netflix and Tesla had a drop double the size of Apple and Amazon's and they weren't named in the story. Who would really care if the Chinese were spying on Netflix, they gonna find out about your weekend binge watching habits? Hard to see how Netflix's drop could have anything to do with this story.

This was just an across the board tech stock drop, just like some days there's an across the board tech stock gain. Now one can argue the reason everything dropped was concern over this hack, but if so it didn't hurt Apple and Amazon worse than other companies. Indeed, Apple fell slightly less than the NASDAQ index as a whole.

If this was an evil stock market short plot, it wasn't very well executed. You'd much rather get one or a few really big stock drops, not a minor 2-3% across the board drop. The SEC polices these things pretty well too - no doubt they will be examining the trading patterns around Supermicro stock (the only one that really took a big plunge) to see if someone sold a bunch of it short recently, or made unusual put option purchases.

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