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I have a nice letter from Professor Martin Severs reassuring me that the NHS has respected my decision not to allow sharing of my records with outside organisations. Except that we know that one of the NHS suppliers somehow forgot about this and sold my records anyway.

The Bio-statisticians I worked with in the 1990s claimed that they could de-anonymise my records, given a 4-digit postcode and my age decade in about 30min. *That's* why our data is valuable.

*Everyone* has something to hide in their medical records - even if you think you haven't you don't know what a potential employer might find out that means you aren't considered for a job.

NHS security model was fine with paper records - only your immediate health-care providers could access your notes. But on computer, *everyone* can access your notes. Look how insecure Police National Computer is. You think NHS data is as well secured?

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