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One advantage of living in the country....

I've just brought a house in the Yorkshire Dales. Lovely part of the world, babbling stream just outside the front door, etc etc. Decided to move the family to nicer surroundings and enjoy life more.

One of the reasons for the specific house was the 1Gb fibre to the house. We've only partially moved in, and the wifi only has 100Mb, but we got a reliable 80Mb/sec download and upload. Looking forward to seeing what I can get with an actual ethernet cable.

We have zero moible reception on EE, Vodafone and O2 so have put VOIP in from for £5 and got WiFi calling. For the first time in my life I don't have a BT landline in the house at all. Feels very odd.

It costs me the princely sum of £25+VAT per month which is actually less than I was paying for 70Mb connections in London with Zen. Not knocking Zen as they are a great company.

Now the reason it only costs £25/month + VAT is that its a community based company from B4RN ( they do the technical but and the local villages do the hard work of actually laying cables. This keeps the cost down and everybody contributes the labour. I'm very lucky in that I had nothing to do as everybody else had done the work, however I invested £1,500 to help keep them going.

As far as I'm concerned BT can keep their slow progress, I've already got 1GB and loving it.

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