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World first for Rebo the NHS Research Bot!

Well look at what I got as I was reading this!!

World first for Rebo the NHS Research Bot!

This month, CRN xxxx will be launching the world's first interactive game to tell the story of how research discovered treatments for diabetes! Taking Rebo the Research Bot on a research adventure through time, players visit moments in history when medical breakthroughs in diabetes were made, collecting credits in the form of 'insulin' and 'French lilac' to help progress the science further. It is hoped that as they make the virtual journey through time, players will learn how health research is integral to finding life-changing new treatments for patients in the NHS and across the world. The game will be launched by the CRN xxx team at the xxxx Science Festival. The team will be inviting visitors to play the game and spread the word from 10am to 4pm at the xx, xx so drop by if you are in the area and please let your friends and family know.

Would this count toward the available funding?

Anonymous to protect the innocent of course!!

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