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UK's Openreach sends full fibre to Coventry

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With OpenReach saying it's "available" in Coventry, does that mean fibre runs past each home with a breakout pot? Or just that the exchange has a bank of fibre terminators (presumably with a juicy backhaul fibre link) and that they would then start trenching on receipt of an order? And what is the cost to install it from Openreach considering it's not yet considered part of the mandatory provision requirements for a house?

The smaller players like Gigaclear charge a similar amount to BT for a new connection, possibly a bit more for trenching the fibre to the house from the roadside (unless you DIY), and the cost of a decent fibre service with Gigaclear is a bit more than your BT DSL service (admitedly at a much higher line rate).

It still looks like Openreach are dragging their heels...

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