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This article reads like one of those BOFH stories that begins:

So the boss wheezes in, all a dither about an article he's read in "I.T bigshots weekly".....


So the government is saying:

"we've got a phat stack of cash here for anyone who wants to do some of that amazing techy stuff for our NHS , you know get us some Apps up in here , or a cloud maybe . Oh , and lets get some of that Big Data we read about . And if theres time lets buy a blockchain.

Theres a whole lotta buzzwords there.

To me , its blindingly obvious what the first step to any kind of NHS I.T. reform would be - Standardise.

Currently you have 50 odd trusts doing what the hell they want , all buying in one Patient admin system after another , none of which talk to each other and so you have the situation on the news last week - ambulance crews saying "if we end up at a different hospital we cant access patients records"

For Fucks sake! that basic shit surely .

Think of the duplication of effort going on.

Its like herding cats....

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