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Ah. My first assembly job. Programming on the TMS 9900 (and the SBP 9900, anyone remember that?) at Marconi Defense in Welwyn Garden City. There was also the chip-slice version that could run at 10MHz. But it needed a lot of cooling.

After that moved to Intel (8085). What a come-down...

Then came 6800, 6809 and 68000. Does anyone remember OS-9 (which ran on the 6809). As someone explained it to me, a sort of UNIX which all of the good bits left out. It was terrible...

I also did a lot of work with the TRW multipliers (FFT). There was a sticker on them warning you not to power them up without sufficient cooling. If you did they failed whilst de-soldering themselves from the board. For some reason our mother-boards were upside down and you had to hardware debug them with the chips on the under-side.

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