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"and don't get me started on the difficulties of getting actual tea-flavoured tea"

I'm lucky to often hang out with anglophile dutchies, so they will have earl or lady grey. And the good stuff too.

I also drink it black, which helps with the furuner tea :)

They still drink it too weak :)

They way I'd make tea for me and my ex was:

1.Put the teabag in her cup,

2. Fill with boiling water

3. Wait for a five count

4. Take tea bag out, put it in my cup

5. Fill my cup with boiling water

6. Wait until I am unable to get a spoon into the cup.

Then again, even Dutch cafe coffee is, quite frankly, shit. The only OK coffee I find is in coffeeshops (the smokey kind) since it's usually only a euro a time.

Luckily I'm friends with Syrians and Turks. Amazing coffee, although being awake for the next 12 hours can be a bit of a pain.

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