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US JEDI military cloud network is so high-tech, bidders will have to submit their proposals by hand, on DVD


OMG its soooooo haaard

Oh FFS. So what. They want it on a DVD for some reason.

Wow its so hard to:

1. Capture video digitally and put it onto a computer. (whats a computer?)

2. Open your editing program and edit the video so it looks good.

3. Go to File->project properties and tick the tickbox/select in the "output type" pull down "DVD Video"

4. Click render. Is it too hard to use a mouse too? Maybe Alexa will render for you. Alexa: Render my project? Amazon should get onto that, who uses a mouse these days?

5. Go to the supermarket down the road. The place you get food from. Add some recordable DVD's to the trolley with the stuff that you still need to put in your mouth (pizza). Do we really still need to eat? Its the 21st century after all. Where are these meals in a pill I was promised? (watch demolition man)

6. Stick one of the discs into your computer. Cant do that? Go on Amazon and buy a usb drive for the same cost of a few good pizzas. Sell it on ebay when you are done, the drive, not the pizza.

7. Use dvd mastering software, freely available. This is assuming they want a dvd-video disc and not just a video file dumped onto the dvd. If the latter, burn the file to the disc. its a built in function in windows.

8. Take the dvd and drop it to them so they can see a real human being is bothered to show up and gain some points in a competition.

Honestly, is that so difficult? Its also not tech from the 90's. Last time I saw a dvd burner in the 90's must have been in alternate dimension.

So why would they want it on DVD?

Ready for another list?

1. They are ubiquitous and everyone has easy access (to some degree) to dvd players and drives.

2. They can hold dvd-video, or files. This means they can sit back and watch on a dvd player which are common as muck or play on VLC.

3. They are not evil like USB flash drives. Take a look at BadUSB and think like a secure government organization which might want to avoid having an innocent looking USB flash drive acting like a keyboard and doing any kid of shit with powershell or bash within a few seconds of them plugging it in. Look up RSA and flash drives and how a secretary just plugged one in and lost some of RSA's most valuable secrets putting many of us normal people at risk.

4. You can take some other ancient tech, called a pen, and write stuff on the dvd label. Last time I saw a flash drive with any space for scribbles was back in the early 2000's and that was just enough room for a few letters.

5. They dont stop working when you drop one.

6. They can be put in a thing called... a binder and passed about in bulk. Well I suppose you can chuck flash drives into a box and let them rattle about.

7. They are unassuming, and not embarrassing. Supplying a video file on a Mickey Mouse shaped flash drive might lose you the competition, or win it of the judges like that sort of thing.

The list can go on and on. For goodness sake, having a problem with supplying a video on dvd these days is as silly as posting a story about Amazon still selling books written on ancient crap called paper.

WE STILL USE PAPER. Why isnt this headline in the news. I mean paper! Thats older than DVD by a loooong shot.

Heck I still wipe my ass with he stuff. In the 90's we were promised that we wont have toilet paper any more. Where are my 3 sea shells? (watch demolition man).

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