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Re: So... how is this old fashioned? @Christian Berger

Quite so, CB. And all one really needs to initially supply at such an elemental stage of a program which by all accounts hopes to be Great Game Changing and AI Leading is an engaging foreword that one wouldn't like any opposition or competition being privy with their own copies being furnished with further formative proprietary content .... Private Intellectual Property for Pirating/Mirroring.

The Nuts and Bolts and Instructions and Working Drawings/BluePrints and Specifications can easily follow later as needs require in a much safer working environment than these Almost Instantaneous InterNetional Communications Channels and Bunkered War Games Rooms.

And ..... is there a slick trick requirement from US DOD mentioning that one has to be a US citizen to submit/apply, although of course is that easily instantly arranged if one has something interesting and thought worthy of working with. 'Tis/'Twas always the case since even long before leading Nazi Third Reichers exchanged their secrets for relative freedom to live with and work for Uncle Sam in the Home of the Brave.

There usually is in such programs.

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