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Political Walled Garden?

As someone who works the elections (the polling places are run by volunteer labor in the US) I can state quite categorically that none of the systems we use are susceptible to hacking. The kit uses ancient technology, lacks network connections and leaves a paper trail. Then there's the magic of statistics that immediately flags anomalies in voting patterns -- that one's difficult to fool.

Which then leaves the issue of hacking political campaigns and all the noise about fake news. Misinformation and conspiracy theories are nothing new in US politics, they've been around since the Revolution and probably before. The best defense against this is a 'well informed electorate'. If we allow our information feeds to be filtered by corporate America, all in our best interests of course, then we're really just substituting one kind of misinformation for another, one that's more pernicious because it has corporate polish and the veneer of respectability.

The lessons of the last few years have been hard but I hope they've been learned. Generic email is about as private as a postcard -- overall, there's no guaranteed privacy on the Internet except that which you provide end to end (and even that is never 100% bulletproof). So mind your manners and your words when communicating because its quite likely that if someone wants to read your mail they will.

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