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"It’s worth noting that this isn’t ‘unregulated capitalism"

Capitalism were lobbies steadily get what they want, and even the Supreme Court bows to them, it's one the worst stages of unregulated (or badly regulated, true) capitalism - actually a system where too powerful oligopolies already formed, and politics is so dependent on their moneys it will give them whatever they want as long as the money keep on coming in. Unregulated capitalism doesn't lead to a freer market - it leads to oligopolies.

But the lack of investment is less populated areas is something free market is unable to solve - because covering them could actually mean a loss of profits, especially in a market obsessed with very short-term gains. So it need incentives or direct intervention.

A state can't be run as a company. A company can pull out from markets it deems non remunerative. A state can't abandon citizens just because it happens they live in the "wrong" places - especially if those wrong places is from where basic needs like food come.

It's a different kind of investment, not a pure financial one, it's an investment on people - in no way the best ones will just come from more densely populated areas. Giving part of the population less chances, is a society collective suicide.

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