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China’s massive Aurora attacks on Gmail in 2009?

“After China’s massive Aurora attacks on Gmail in 2009” elReg 2018

“In order to comply with government search warrants on user data, Google created a backdoor access system into Gmail accounts. This feature is what the Chinese hackers exploited to gain access”, Bruce Schneier Jan 2010

“Google provided no evidence that China was even indirectly involved in the attacks targeting its source code.”, elReg Jan 2010

“it’s the Wizard of Oz-like enigma of Russia, which doesn’t just hack systems, but uses fake news, confusion, and the tragic anger-of-the-commons as a sort of mind-hack on entire populations”, elReg 2018

“Classified memo shows the CIA has sought to influence the US media and how journalism is taught since at least 1984”, Edward Snowden

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