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Sadly, what he's doing isn't illegal, and government is full of such people, we're just noticing this jerk because he's pushing the outrageous limit - which seems to be monotonically increasing. (See SEC and banking regs) Every single person I know who is aware of the issues thinks this guy needs to go, no matter what his affiliation, in this case, that's obviously the "green money" party above all others.

If it was illegal, many other revolving-door lobbyists and politicians and regulators would you have to bust. I vote for "all of them"...but it's not happening, is it.

I repeat, corruption isn't limited to a particular party or individual, and after enough time, it's really hard to root out, as the people who would are themselves implicated if for no other reason than letting it get this bad.

It's not like congress, which changes hands every so often during my life, couldn't have made this kind of thing illegal. Crickets. Follow the money. It's even more obvious when you look at who is getting money NOW than assuming (probably correctly) that there's a payoff later. You don't have to wait to see who gets telecom money, it's public record, and and save you looking - it's pretty much all of them.

Blaming on one of the fake-dichotomy sides is lazy thinking.

Both are guilty.

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