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The curious sudden rise of free US election 'net security guardians


Right - if it's free, you're the product as the author implied - "The acronym TANSTAAFL was used by Robert Heinlein, the science fiction writer, in his 1966 novel, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress."

Which, interestingly, is about a revolution itself. One aided by a real AI(!).

These days, you're the product even if it isn't free - plenty of double dipping to go around.

Who watches these watchers? Some of them have pretty obvious agendas. Most aren't competent to do the job. All would love to have that juicy data, which would inevitably leak and be used in some partisan manner.

Too slow to be useful would seem to be the best case possible, though recriminations after the fact also seem to cause a lot of pain and are used as weapons by whoever didn't win.

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