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All really good advice. But be aware that, as with many other things, what's simple in concept may not be so simple in practice. For example, it'd take a good part of a week to stash a copy of my PC hard drive to the "cloud" over my suburban US DSL line. And I don't have any video data. Folks (including businesses) in neighboring towns have even slower connections BTW. Moreover, tying up the home data pipe with a massive, days long, upload is likely to annoy the other folks that reside here. Therefore my home system offsite backup is on a usb stick in the spare tire well of my car. THAT only takes about five hours to build

One very likely wants to encrypt offsite data. Easy enough, if one does something like tar-compress-encrypt on high level directories. Why tar? Because I really don't want to deal with data recovery from a file system with tens of thousands of files with obsfucated names. Rsync isn't going to work very well. Solvable? Yes, I think. I haven't actually tried to integrate rsync into the workflow. Easy? Not so much I'm pretty sure.

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