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Money, Money, Money

I would like to understand how corporate and private money is paid to public officials/candidates in the UK and EU. In the US, we have something called the "Citizens United" decision, which basically allows corporations and rich people to pay unlimited amounts of money to public officials and candidates ostensibly for the furtherance of their political careers. Much of it is unreported, "dark" money. IMHO, it is essentially legalized bribery. The money is not intended to be used for the official's or candidate's personal use, but seeing as elected officials are essentially -always- re-running for office, this unlimited money can end up being used to feed and water politicians 24/7. The telecom industry in the US is the largest transmitter of money to politicians. Bigger even than the health-care industry and the defense industry. Comcast alone spends more money "lobbying" the US Federal government than anyone except Lockheed-Martin. IMHO, this institutionally organized bribery has corrupted the entire US Federal government. How doe this work in your country?

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