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Cost-effectiveness verses abstract ideals.

Suppose you had a company that was in the construction business. You decide to run a sign campaign advertising for workers. The sign company has various sign locations all over town, and the prices of these signs depends mostly on the total amount of traffic.

You going to buy signs next to the football stadium or next to Pottery Barn?


I interview with Amazon. They have a fascinating process regarding customer engagement. They send one, and only one, email out every night. The various groups within Amazon bid to have their material in that email. They are penalized if a purchase does not happen. I have an account, but I have never bought anything with it. Guess what? I don't get those emails any more.


What is happening here with Facebook is very, very similar. So long as there is a cost for running ads on F, ad sellers are going to be very, very sensitive to ROI on their ads. For whatever reason, there are far, far, fewer women looking for work in tech than men. That means that smaller businesses are not going to pay to put ads for workers in front of women. It costs them too much.

I don't like this. At all. However, I am aware of the basics of economics. So let's thing about what happens next.

This is a business opportunity for someone who can identify tech-prepared women and target them for job ads. In particular, if someone is so foolish as to use F for job hunting, the nature of the links that they are following should be a very strong indicator of what sorts of jobs to offer them. Also what kind of websites they spend their time at. (Excluding women for ads on this site would just be stupid.) If F is not presenting this to employers, they are blowing it, big time.

I have a lot of complaints against big social, but the problems of microtargetting actually do sort themselves out. Every case of business discrimination becomes an opportunity for another business to snatch a valuable worker.

I just received my first job ad targeting conservatives in tech last week. Especially if the bigs continue in their drive to create workplaces that I view as hostile and toxic, I am certain that I will receive more.

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