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Imho, when you choose option (d) and target truck drivers in your truck driver job ad campaign, you are clearly discriminating against non-truck drivers who might be interested in applying for and capable of doing the job but will never have a chance of seeing the ad...

I understand why people think that discrimination is bad but do not accept it myself that any discrimination is inherently bad. This is a part of human nature, like discriminating strangers in favour of your family. Known attempts of changing the human nature and creating an impartial Übermensch failed miserably and catastrophically. Look, Apple fans!

The modern Western society defines certain 'protected categories/groups/classes', where negative discrimination is not acceptable. gender being one of them. Interestingly, positive discrimination if often tolerated and even encouraged, rationale being righting the past wrongs or just guilt. Then there's reverse discrimination and quotas...

The ads in this case seem to be negatively discriminating a protected category and feel unfair ("seem to" due to limited info available and the accused party's point of view not present).

What if the ads were exclusively targeted at women or seniors to "attract diversity into traditionally male-dominated industries", would these be seen as discriminating and unfair?

It looks like there are cases where discriminating 'protected categories' is generally accepted by the Western society. Targeted tampon ads? Targeted ads for 'family hotels'? 'Child-free' hotels? 'Gay-friendly' hotels? Targeted ads for 'shaving subscriptions'? Oh yeah, surely there are poor souls deeply offended by not seeing these...

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