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@Bernard M. Orwell

I'm not quite sure what your point is. You say:

..Perhaps then you can explain these businesses and their hiring policy?..

...or, how about all these jobs that are advertised as female only? ..

Asking for an explanation why, but then you make your own sound conclusion:

And yes, these companies are breaking the law.

Yes, they are breaking the law. What's that got to do with this topic? The ACLU are suing Facebook for, potentially, breaking the law. They aren't suing those businesses you've listed.

What's the relevance that others are also breaking the law? How does that impact the ACLU's case against Facebook?

"Other people do it too" is not a defense in a court of law. "Other people do it too" doesn't make it right.

If you have problems with those companies practices, then you do something about it, you begin a lawsuit against them for discrimination.

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