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'Men only' job ad posts land Facebook in boiling hot water with ACLU

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Discrimination is required.

Wish I could comment freely as I have workplace experience on the topic but this site censors. At least I'd get censored which seems strange when I look at comments they don't censor. I guess that's to be expected when censorship is done for varying reasons depending on the day and censor. Maybe I'll try anon this time.

We, society and business, can have non-discriminatory hiring and promotions, firings and layoffs. We can do it, some have done it but that is never suggested by those claiming to be concerned about discrimination.

Some countries have made non-discriminatory practices illegal, notably Canada. Maybe that isn't surprising when the Canadian Constitution demands and gives racial, religious, ethnic and linguistic special status to the select few. Who you are in Canada decides your rights and responsibilities (or lack off), your access to government resources and your representation in the political systems.

Discrimination is foundational to being Canadian, it is a requirement.

When it comes to the ACLU we should remember that the ACLU actively encourages discrimination when it comes to hiring, school placement, and all aspects of society to promote "diversity". The only problem they have with discrimination is when it occurs without benefit to those they feel are worthy.

If Facebook and Uber had targeted almost any other group there would be no complaint from the ACLU in this case.

If this post hasn't been censored I encourage the reader to search ACLU and Affirmative Action. Read their history on that topic and you will see that discrimination has become a foundational belief of the ACLU.

They only have a problem when it is the "wrong" group benefiting from discrimination.

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