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In the current environment, women are too much of a business risk..

Given that women

* Work less hours on average

* Get sick more often

* Take more leave days overall

* Are the overwhelming majority of sexual harassment complainants

* In manual labour jobs, get injured more seriously, more often

* Are the majority of OHS complainants

* Are more likely to leave after having kids, and never come back.

etc etc

Why WOULD you hire them?

The ugly truth is that if you are running a small / medium business, even hiring one woman can completely sink your business, as they lodge any sort of sexual harassment claim, even if it's proven to be 100% false and malicious can set your business back anywhere from $50-$150K, just to resolve it.

Training them for a role has an equally risky ROI, where they may decide to have kids and never come back.

My sister did exactly this. Fought tooth an nail to get into an extremely specialised field, studied to get a PHD over 5 years, went into the work force for 2 years, had a kid, decided she liked being a stay at home mum better, had a second kid, waited for her husband to pay off her student debts, then divorced him and took most of his stuff, and hasn't worked since.

She literally spent more time in school, than she did working and is now a net drain on the taxpayer and the poor guy she married.

Needless to say I don't speak to my sister, cos she is a monster.

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