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@anon coward .. :-) reminds me of when I got a Cert'd Network Engineer dismissed because not only did I find him posting our network config on-line and asking if stuff I suggested would work, but then he had the nerve to tell me I couldn't publish *internal* DNS records for facebook, myspace, and other time-wasters that our employees were on at the time.

I got tired of arguing with him in a meeting about it, went back to my desk, created said zones for internal DNS distribution, sent an email to our boss asking him to go to on his work computer and waited. Boss called me in, asked me to explain what I did .. I created zones in our Active Directory domain, saying only to our internal offices that *we* were authoritative for "facebook" and set it to a 1 page IIS site on the intranet with a big red stop sign - "Facebook is no longer an allowed destination for company users due to chronic productivity loss" ... I then rolled it out to 35 satellite offices along with 15 other domains we found too many people wasting time on. The following day the "Engineer" was no longer with us, adding one more entry to his 15 jobs in 3 years CV.

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