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Facebook - "Is this a Trick?"

They're all gunning for Zuk now... The lies and the dismissal of privacy concerns and other criticisms for years... Its all coming home now. Interesting deeper background on Zuckerberg himself, and how he can't fix any of the problems, as all he knows is growth at any cost:



"Four categories of Facebook harms: “on democracy, on public health with issues like addiction, on privacy, and on innovation because of its enormous market power.”


"For a long time, Silicon Valley enjoyed an unencumbered embrace in America and now everyone says, Is this a trick? - Engineering ideology of FB was clear: “Scaling and growth are everything, individuals and their experiences are secondary to what is necessary to maximize the system - “connecting people,” that was, in effect, code for user growth - We believe in the religion of growth - FB had given away data before it had a system to check for abuse. - Do you really want to see what you’ll find? - What are the dark patterns that I can use to get people to log back in? - FB engineers became a new breed of behaviorists, tweaking levers of vanity and passion and susceptibility - FB engineers discovered that people find it nearly impossible not to log in after receiving an e-mail saying that someone has uploaded a picture of them. - containing the damage - a level of near-sovereignty “so powerful that the ordinary social and industrial forces existing are insufficient to cope with it.” - Senator, we run ads - It’s your data, but you give us a royalty-free global license to do, basically, whatever we want.” - Imagine, if a brick-and-mortar business asked to copy all your photographs for its unlimited, unspecified uses. “Your children, from the very first day until the confirmation, the rehearsal dinner for the wedding, the wedding itself, the first child being baptized. You would never accept that,” - “But this is what you accept without a blink of an eye when it’s digital.”

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