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Sometimes people need to be shaken up. The reason you don't swear all the time is because it has no shock value or meaning if you do. But when you do it shouldn't distract completely from the added emphasis it is supposed to create. These PC fools have a Pavlovian response which brings out their inner Stasi .

Culture. you have a group of nerds with thick skins who communicate by text; getting the seriousness across requires something different over that medium and to that type of person. This was a community of volunteers who are strong willed to be there in the first place. It has grown large and diverse so it's not the same situation as before. Sticking to the past makes sense because it worked and everybody bitching has zero success at building a world changing volunteer project. At this phase, it's a different game - maybe Linus will decide to go start up new community projects which is where his strongest talent is. What keeps him and many other founders from doing that is because TIME is equated to value. He invested his life into it so letting it go is incredibly hard because of the perceived value to him. There will be other people better suited to be in charge of what it has become; however, I do not expect those to rise to that position if we keep allowing the PC bullies to eliminate all forms of meritocracy.

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