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My interpretation of "rainbow haired pronoun crowd" doesn't imply anything about bigotry against women, gays, transgenders, racial minorities, etc. Straight, white males (who identify as such) can be (and often are) part of the "rainbow haired pronoun" crowd, while a lesbian mixed-race woman often isn't. It's about the people who put identity politics and virtue signalling in front of actually making a good product (*cough* Mozilla *cough*). That's the thing-- the "rainbow haired pronoun" crowd is the most intolerant group out there. Tolerance, in their view, only flows toward people they favor, not to those they don't... and there are LOTS of people they don't favor.

I'm all in favor of "live and let live." What kind of person you are attracted to, what you think about your physical sex, where your ancestors came from, etc., are not my concern. Are you a good person? Are you conscientious? Can I trust you? If it is a work context, are you qualified? Above all, do you do your job well?

Notice how being a straight white male doesn't even factor into that? It doesn't. I am prepared to judge the fitness of a given worker on the basis of their work-- a meritocratic approach. The thing is, that's not what the RHPC want or work toward. They'd rather put out a shit product but have all the right kinds of people working on the sinking ship as it slips beneath the waves.

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