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I've read a lot about Linus' outbursts, and he's pretty much always right in his rants. It's true that his bombastic (ahem) style of delivering this feedback may be offputting to some (well, to all, if you happen to be the target), but I would imagine that those who work within the kernel project understand that if you try to submit shit to the project, you're going to get called on it, so maybe they won't be inclined to try it. He demands excellence, and if you aren't able to deliver, maybe you could go work for Microsoft, where excellence is not only not demanded, but apparently not permitted.

I know there are a lot of critics of Linus' style, and it's not the style I would use if I were in his place, but if I or any of Linus' critics were, would the kernel be as good as it is now? I can't say. No one can, including the critics who assure us that the product would be even better if he hadn't scared away talented programmers who happen to be a little less thick-skinned. It's possible that's true, but it's also possible that he's made the product better by accepting nothing that is not up to his standards.

Linus strikes me as someone who's probably on the autism spectrum, given his obsessiveness, his reclusive nature, and his social difficulties (not understanding or being concerned for the feelings of others is textbook). If so, whatever therapy he gets will have to be tailored to this reality, and trying to make a normal or neurotypical person out of a spectrumite is not going to yield good results.

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