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Re: "a gentle word will probably achieve more than the f-bomb"

"I lost my temper - and yelled at him.

I got a reprimand by HR, but at least he asked to be moved elsewhere, where probably he's attempting the same tricks."

So, er, you're saying that yelling at him didn't actually solve the problem at all, but just moved it away from where you had to care about it? And that's a reason why it's a good thing?

"sometimes you encounter people who makes you steam, and you need to let the steam go out for your health's sake."

ah - so that's the *real* benefit. It was a benefit purely to you, never mind the consequences for anyone else. And hey, maybe you do need to let off steam sometimes. But why not let off steam at the wall, or a sympathetic colleague of choice, rather than yelling at someone, especially if it's not actually going to do them or the project any good at all? Why not consider not just "your health", but the health of the person getting yelled at, and the health of everyone who has to work in the context of the yelling?

If someone's constantly acting in a way that's a problem for the project, there are practical ways of actually addressing that problem. "Scream abuse at them" is not one of those ways. Also, AFAIK, in most of the cases where Linus lost it at someone, they weren't an ongoing source of problems in the way you describe in your scenario, they were just some poor rando who happened to get their commit reviewed when Linus needed to "let the steam go".

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