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Compare Linux 'code of conduct' with "subjective whatever 'we' FEEL at the moment" which is more like what Micro-shaft forums are like. I've seen it first-hand, especially with the Win-10-nic 'insider' forum at the time Win-10-nic released.

I'm sure this 'code of conduct' is just a reaction. It'll be modified into something reasonable at some point, assuming that the political correctness nazis aren't the ones behind it.

I'd just say it in a single statement: "Don't be a pain in the ass". Sorta like "do no harm".

The FreeBSD code of conduct was a little "rainbowy" but nothing seriously bad enough to stop using the OS nor stop submitting changes/fixes/bugs/etc..

The code of conduct you should fear should be the SUBJECTIVE kind, which is at the whim of whatever brown-shirted political correctness fascist "feels" at the moment. Otherwise, just interpret some common sense into it, assume that the PC Nazis had their chance to 'contribute' and have some pink liquid to quell the nausea. It'll pass eventually, like a bowel blockage.

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