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@Justthefacts - if you are offended by the term 'rainbow-haired pronoun people' and simply assume it means 'anti-gay' or 'anti-woman', then you just don't get it. It has nothing to do with sexuality nor discrimination.

It has *EVERYTHING* to do with being a shrill, irritating, chaos-promoting pain in the butt and "political correctness brownshirt" to those that don't conform to your preconceptions of how other people should behave. Saying "Because *you* are the problem" is an example for why so many of us (Linus included, probably) are so EXASPERATED by political correctness. Unwelcome amateur psychology is only an irritant.

Like I said earlier, "live and let live" works BOTH ways. And if you and people _LIKE_ you plan on disrupting any office you work at with political correctness fascism, please do not apply where I work. thank you. I like getting WORK done.

[as for race, sex, behavior, religion, and politics, none of those matter to me. just don't be a pain in the ass with any of it. Consider that religious proselytizing at work has been frowned on for decades. Political correctness should be, too. It's about getting work done. Check your feelings at the door (you can stuff them into your coat pocket).]

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