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" You seem to be suggesting that tolerance of other people’s identity, whether sexual, gender, religious, and anything else, is a bad thing. Live and let live."

I don't think he meant intolerance. When I read the phrase 'rainbow haired pronoun crowd', I see those who seek to foist their version of morality upon the rest of us through political correctness, "all about feelings", yotta yotta.

'Live and let Live' works _BOTH_ ways, ya know. It's the "force" part that I dislike about the 'rainbow haired pronoun crowd'. [they can be as gay or straight or religious or not, whatever they want, freedom. Just don't take MY freedom away in the process].

In any case, the 'rainbow haired pronoun crowd' seeks to create chaos, not solve problems. They whine if you don't use the correct term of the day and add "phobe" to many of the adjectives they use about you (and also add 'mis' as a prefix), always a pejorative accusation, always shrill, always irritating and disruptive, and RARELY correct.

THAT, I am pretty sure, is what Snow Wombat meant when he said 'rainbow haired pronoun crowd'. It's why I like the term. It's perfect.

(falling into the 'I am offended' or 'he might be offended' trap is too easy. it's best NOT to even go near it. And I chose to use 'he' because it's grammatically correct. HAH!)

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