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"In your view, bullying people for their gender and sexuality is not just OK but somehow morally *necessary* as a badge of belonging."

I think the objection is to those who bully others who are simply using long-accepted parts of the English language. Personally, as a male, I suppose I would be entitled to object to "my" gender-specific pronouns being used as non-specific* but it's been that way for a long time so I just accept it. And should my wife object if a customer service person (as like as not female) address us as "you guys"? Personally I find the latter a little over-familiar in most contexts but again it's a generally accepted modern usage so I have to take it in my stride.

The real problem as I see it is the like of the master/slave row. Trying to rewrite much-used technical terminology is just asking for trouble. The next step in that direction would be to argue about the terms used for handedness of threads - or even the very concept of them being handed.

*They/their seems fairly natural to me, especially used in a context where the gender or even number of those referred ti is unknown. It was in fairly common use when I was young but I think the grammar zealots consider it an incorrect use of the plural although they seem to consider what has now become standard use of the plural for 2nd person. Actually I think so-called plurality in English is rather more complex than the grammar zealots realise but over the years I've dropped they/their but I'm tending to use it more.

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