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"Oh Homer"

If I could give you 1000 thumbs up I would... I try to remind people that quota's no matter how good the intent is, is communism but hey instead of taking the most talented when you can look like a good ideologue... Ideology rarely make things happen (usually for a special interest only, not everyone), it more often stops things from happening.

Misunderstand if you want, I don't care anymore I only want equal rules to everyone, no special rights for anyone just equal rights. Remember it is spelled "justice" not "just us", you can't replace bigotry with bigotry no matter how good it feels.

As for Linus and his language I have always felt that expletives are a great way of instantaneously getting your point across. Whether you like it or not, if you have ever been in a technical meeting you will know this for a fact. There are always people who like to hear them self talk, they like to poke holes in everything (even though there is no, "perfect" solution) without ever having a solution. At one point this kind of passive aggressive behavior needs to be squashed. And yes this does require stern language because most of the people who play these "waist time in board room" games are usually higher on the sociopath spectrum and this is their game. Exploding on them in front of everyone tells them the game is up, stop wasting time, don't say something is done when it clearly isn't. Don't puke crap and call it pure gold, there is way too much of that today.

That said I will say when you make it personal that is where the problem is, I see absolutely no problems calling something a steaming pile-o-"enter expletive" and say that it is moronic to think this is anywhere near ready, do you think everyone is a fool, stop playing this game or your cut off.

I have been in IT for almost 30 years and I can say comfortably that at least 1/3 of IT should not be working in the domain, they cause more problems than they are worth. If I was a kernel developer I would consider a Linus rant as a right of passage nothing more. To geniuses we are all stupid, accept it and move on. I would also like to say that every rant I have read (although entertaining) I think was warranted to emphasize that this is serious, not a assignment in university but real world stuff.

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