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It doesn't matter how smart or valuable you are to a project, there is no excuse for being a bully. You can be utterly committed to quality while remaining professional and not resorting to personal attacks.

Nobody who had a boss like Linus would enjoy it. Anyone who was like Linus at work should be fired.

This whole "genius Aspergus" trope is a tired view of computer programmers from 90s movies. We like watching Dr. House on TV but we don't actually want to work with him or be treated by him. We think Sheldon Cooper is funny because it's a joke.

It's amazing that one man has remained central to Linux for so long, especially someone like Linus. An OS underpinning the entire internet and technology sector, partly under the dominion of one foul-mouthed, very smart jerk.

The guy at the top sets the tone for the whole ecosystem. Linux has never managed to shake its reputation of impatient, arrogant nerds attacking new users' questions and that's a)probably why it has never made it to the desktop b)arguably all trickling down from Linus' behaviour. A more human Linus could set a far more pleasant culture by example, which could be great for the OSS community and the world in general.

As for the "rainbow pronoun" comments - sheesh get a grip.

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