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Re: Linus moving the Linux Kernel Maintainers' Summit

Isn't it the worst thing when you just want a holiday to get away from it all but they still won't leave you alone?

I guess he realised he was just a step away from a Musk-style meltdown after the travelling circus announced it was following him and decided that if he wasn't going to be allowed a holiday then outside help would be the best way to manage the pressure he's under. Lucky him, at least he's got that option.

It also strikes me as a very American solution, you ask for holiday but we'll still badger you anyway because we don't actually know what a holiday is, but a shrink is wonderful and we'll let you have some time off for that. All he needed to do was turn off the phone and see a bunch of castles and some scenery in Scotland and come back refreshed.

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