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I do not sense the Linus is exhausted. He makes it clear he is up and ready to keep on with the Linux kernel.

Putting side the rainbow nature of the CoC - which I hope gets modified for the Linux world - it sounds more like a wake up moment.

I spent many years in IT and it is true that those that prepfer to commuicate with machines tendto lack empathy and social skills when it comes to other human beings. I think it's partly personality. Using the Myers-Briggs typology as an indicator - just an indicator for reference purposes - the description of the INTP is virtually THE description of the generic coder. I describe this type as; "You think I'm weird, I think you're stupid. Now let me talk to this machine that is more intelligent than you." I'm at the reverse end of the spectrum (INFP) and had to become less co-dependent and more results focused. There is a need to work on the reverse for others!

Linux has realised he CAN hurt people and it DOES matter after a while. Programmers might well have rhino hides and have a "if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen approach" but that rarely works in a management role long timer - which is the position Linus is in. The last company I worked for in the UK I understand has moved to a total rule by fear regime and all the old staff have walked out... some of them literally walked out the door, redundancy pay, leave period be stuffed! Even hard nosed, non-people people developers need some recognition and to be treated as human beings.

Also not that super-ego Steve Jobs had to learn a little humility through his NeXT disaster in order to come back stronger than before. It does not take a lot of humility to leaven the person!

I hope the CoC is adapted, Linus only said "will be based" not "will be the CoC" and I hope that he stays in and stays code ruthless! But there are ways of doing it and it's best to act nice and move to nasty in a scale when there is a repeated pattern of bad behaviour rather than going straight to asshole! You save that one for last warning before dismissal!

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