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Re: @Steve Davies 3 Don't let the namby-pambys run the Kernel, Linus!

One wonders how many folks who consider Linus a "bully" have actually worked alongside him on the kernel for any length of time ... and how many are simply reacting to what they think they know as "fact" based on a couple of cases reported here at ElReg and other places, primarily as click-bait.

Speaking from experience, he starts with private email, asking something along the lines of "Are you sure you want to do ::that::? Because ::this:: will result, which isn't good". It's only after the idiot ignores the hint, takes it public, and then continues after getting a gentle smack or five, that the full blown bollocking commences.

And it only happens a couple times per year. You lot seem to think it's a daily (or hourly) occurrence. It ain't. Because most folks on the KML are both smart and reasonable, and NOT prima-donnas. The Poetterings and Sievers of the world are (thankfully) few and far between.

Frankly, I think Linus has shown incredible restraint, given the extremely large herd of cats that he is trying to keep in the worm can beyond the open stable door ...

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