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From the outside looking in..

The man's behaviour, over the years, has been appalling by normal standards.

But since he's in a reasonably safe place, society wise, being neither a politician nor a businessman (as such), maybe his behaviour is just something that has to be accepted. You don't have to work alongside him. But that's like seeing the development world as a kind of digital Wild West.

The above comments that say in effect "if you get abused it's your own fault" can only apply if abuse is at least proportionate. And. If too many good programmers choose not to work alongside him, then he is damaging the project. Also if people argue, as they would out in the rest of the world, that no abuse is appropriate ( as would I) then that has to be taken into account too.

The danger is that otherwise you get into the "If you don't want to sleep with the producer don't go into acting" kind of argument.

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