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@Snow Wombat

Partly right. I agree - he’s done a terrific job, and he does sound mentally exhausted. I know how he feels - I feel something similar when I see a bad or incompetent job done and, unfortunately, I react in much the same way. It’s miserable and I know that the problem is partly mine - a gentle word will probably achieve more than the f-bomb. I need a break. But…

I disagree utterly with your assertion that the rainbow haired pronoun crowd will burn everything to the ground. You seem to be suggesting that tolerance of other people’s identity, whether sexual, gender, religious, and anything else, is a bad thing. Live and let live. Provided that they’re not spoiling your day by telling you that you’re living your life wrong, do them the courtesy of letting them live their lives as they choose - and never forget that some of the best engineers in this computing game are gay / transsexual / female / black - and don’t conform to the heterosexual white male stereotype.

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