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So at the time the referendum bill was in parliament you wrote to your MP insisting he or she oppose it?

Or wrote a strongly worded letter to the Times, demanding the rules be changed?

Or took to the streets and opposed the whole process in a demonstration parliament square?

Or actually, you did nothing, smug and confident that your side would win by the rules which you knew (or which you would have known if you had made the modicum of effort to find them out).

And then only when you lost could you be bothered to do anything (that being, posting rudely worded comments on a discussion board).

How many of the people here so upset with the vote did anything to help the remain campaign?

How many volunteered to hand out fliers outside rainy stations, or deliver leaflets to a two-mile stretch of houses?

The rules were set down clearly, and in plenty of time, There was no widespread disagreement with them (with the exception, if I recall, of the SNP, who I think did object to some of the rules, but also to the whole idea of the referendum anyway).

How many even bothered to vote?

As a society, we agreed the rules and we agreed that the result would be implemented.

We reached a result.

We implement the result.

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